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Join The Pack

Experience the difference a hiking adventure will have on your dog today

The Pack... explained


What We Do

Established for urban dwelling dogs that are confined to apartments and condos during the work week, we wanted to offer dog owners a fun and healthy hiking adventure with their fur kids while they are hard at work. The end result? A happy dog that dreams about the outdoors while wanting to chill out with its owner at night after a long hike. 

Pack Rules

We have some basic safety rules for anyone joining the pack. Please read below and feel free to call us or email us anytime with questions. 

  • We require a copy from your vet showing up-to-date vaccinations for your pet.
  • We require the name, phone number and address of your vet (and emergency hospital if preferred).
  • We limit puppy packs to 8 months old and above.
  • We require all dogs to be spayed or neutered.
  • Basic obedience skills are required. No aggressive behavior towards people or other dogs and the dogs must be leash trained.
  • Appropriate tags with Name, Phone Number included.
  • We offer a free first-time meet and greet to learn about leash requirements and behavioral traits. 


  1. How many dogs will there be on a dog hiking adventure at a time?
    When scheduling a dog hiking in Atlanta adventure, there are always two pack leaders that travel together. Each leader is only responsible for up to 3 dogs at a time. A total of 6 dogs may be traveling to one adventure spot per trip but never more than that.
  2. How do you transport dogs to their adventure?
    We have full-size SUV's fitted with safety belts and harnesses to transport the pack. If there are special harnesses or crate requirements, we are happy to accommodate. 
  3. What if I want to book multiple times per week, month or year?
    Most of our customers are recurring but we send out email confirmations of our weekly hikes each week.  Please send us an email to schedule a meet and greet and then we will add you to our hike list.
  4. Where do you go hiking or dog walking in Atlanta?
    There are around 20 different destinations we have selected that are all within 30 miles of downtown Atlanta so the dogs get the most out of their half-day adventure. All of the trails are shaded, taking breaks as needed and we make sure all dogs are well hydrated. Each adventure is different depending on the pack and we try and notify all dog owners of where our next adventure will be. We also post pictures from our adventure on our Facebook page and Instagram so be sure to follow us to see how much FUN your dog is having with the pack. 

Insurance & Certifications